03 Apr

Property buyers, property investors and property brokers are all linked together in one way - they use property intelligence. With the help of this information they can assess and evaluate a number of different possibilities before making their purchase decisions. While doing so they are able to ensure that they make the right investment decisions. They are able to do this because of the feedback they get from people who have previously bought property. By utilising property intelligence and understanding what it means to buy a property you are more likely to be successful. 

As property buyers we all want to find that perfect We buy houses experts. And although this is certainly not as easy as it sounds, it is possible. Property buyers utilise the tools available such as the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and the property search engines in order to find the homes they are interested in as quickly as possible. In order to find these properties quickly a buyer would need to know what questions to ask when going into negotiations for a deal - this is where property intelligence could come in.
Some property buyers may use the help of a title company. A title company can tell a property buyer, whether or not they should pay the asking price (or the selling price if the property buyer is going for a cash offer). They can also give them an accurate and comprehensive description of their property and let them know if there are any liens that need to be paid or any back taxes due at closing. Most importantly though, a title company can provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing that no additional expenses will be incurred once the property has been purchased.

Property buyers also utilise the services of a solicitor and accountant when going through the purchase process. A solicitor and accountant will help the buyer by making sure that they understand the legal implications and can manage and cover these costs. This is particularly important if the property buyer is going for a cash fast. They will ensure that all the necessary paperwork is taken care of before the property is listed for sale.

Pad Geeks employs an off-market property adviser who they pay a fee to. These professionals can take on the role of acting as an intermediary between the buyer and seller. They will find buyers and source properties off-market. While they do make money, the off-market specialists are in the business to help sellers sell their homes quickly and at a profit. The property adviser may use a wide range of marketing methods to get buyers to your property. These may include cold calling, email, and listings in estate agents' websites.

Some property buyers rely on multiple listing platforms. These include local listings platforms (including the MLS) and national listings platforms. Multiple listing platforms are becoming increasingly popular among potential buyers. However, using them means you have to pay for every listing in each market. A better option is to pay a fee to an off-market specialist who will submit your listing to multiple listing platforms for a one-time fee. You can get more enlightened on this topic by reading here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Real_estate_broker

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